“New” e-bike company founded.

Press Release “New” e-bike company founded. Lars Munksoe, a well-known inventor of bike parts - in particular for e-bikes, has announced the start of a new e-bike company as well as a new brand for e-bikes. Lars Munksoe is mainly known for inventing the LED light, which is de facto standard for bicycles today also known as the inventor of the removable battery in the bicycle frame for e-bikes. Lars Munksoe was the first to put lithium batteries on electric bicycles for mass production which is also the de facto standard today. After having founded Protanium in 2006 and selling the majority of the shares in Protanium to Accell Group NV in 2008, Lars Munksoe has sold his remaining shares of Pr

Positive Energies at Shanghai Show

Positive Energies will be present with own premium booth at the coming China International Bicycle & Motor Fair in Shanghai from the 6th to the 9th of May. Hope to see you there...

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